5 Craziest Bucharest Stag Do Pranks

We all love a good prank now and then.

It’s a great source of laughter and you might even get away with it provided the shenanigan is masterful.

The main objective of a great prank: make even the pranked person burst into tears with laughter.

The best person to prank: a groom during a stag do in Bucharest.

Why Bucharest?

Simply because it’s such a great city to visit, it has a great nightlife and the prices are incredibly low.

The perfect elements for a successful stag weekend.

Just because it’s expected, it doesn’t have to be poorly thought

I’m talking about the stag do prank, of course.

The groom is always en-garde for a humiliating prank devised by his good friends. That’s why you have to really surprise him with something unique, spectacular and that isn’t going to hurt him (you really don’t want to, just before he’s about to get married).

Let me give you an example that fits this hypothesis.

In Romania, for example, there is this crazy tradition: stealing the bride.

No, they’re not savages, it’s simply a fun ritual. Ok, maybe it has its roots into a real bride kidnapping. Who knows…it’s an old tradition.

Anyway, the stealing of the bride is a way of pranking the groom, right in the middle of his wedding celebration, during the party. Savage, right.

Well…not really. It’s almost 100% expected, and it usually involves some of the groom’s best friends (yes, I’m looking at you, best man) “stealing” the bride and transporting her to a secret location. A phone call is made, a “ransom” is established (usually bottles of fine liqueur) and the bride is brought back into the loving hands of her husband.

Cool, right?

Well, there are many ways to do this prank. You can go with the flow, “steal” the bride and simply ask for booze and get her back, just as it’s done in 90% of the cases.

Or…you can get creative. Make the groom sing her a serenade. Make him dance his ass off on a corny song from the 80’s. Make him create a love poem that has to contain words out of the context like: shovel, chair, sink, elephant or cucumber.

Give him a quest that involves ridiculous and funny tasks. That’s how you transform an ordinary prank in a great moment that involves humiliation, bursts of laughter and more importantly, a happy end.

What about the stag do pranks in Bucharest?

The above mentioned is just an example about how Romanians know how to get creative with a prank.

Of course, there are many ways to prank the groom during the Bucharest stag do. Let’s see our top 5:

  1. Choose a kinky escape room, or one with a weird or spooky theme. Speak with the organizers and create the perfect pranking environment
  2. Go for a karaoke night, and sing something that will put the groom to shame. Anything it’s permitted, because it’s a kind of stand-up roast, where he will be the target of some really good crafted musical insults
  3. Take the groom to a dominatrix strip dinner and watch how the poor guy is getting ready for the rough life of a married man
  4. Hire a cleaning lady stripper and make him believe till the last second that the she will not clean the room, but his wallet
  5. Hire a hitch hiker stripper, that seems such an innocent nice girl, till she gets ready to show the groom what she was really waiting for
  6. Hire a dwarf, which will create mayhem, laughter and shame for the groom, as he’s drinking, telling dirty jokes or even singing during the karaoke night
  7. Make him dryly swallow by arranging some girl on girl action right in front of him, while he’s tied and cannot do anything except look and endure

Of course, there are many classical ways to prank the groom during the Bucharest stag weekend, but these above are masterpieces you can enjoy only now.

So why waste the perfect moment for a good laughter, especially if you can book a company like Eventhuse that will plan any of these for your good about-to get-married friend.

Are you ready for some mad laughter?

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