Exploring What Spain Has to Offer

If you are going to be planning an adventure in Spain, you will find that there are plenty of incredible things that you can see and do. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the moat popular places and activities you cannot miss! The Spain Event are offers incredible packages that will make any of these Spanish dreams come true.

1) Experience Madrid

This is the capital city that is well known for tapas, amazing nightlife and rich museums. In this city, things don’t start getting heated up until midnight. Be sure that you see the Royal Palace and the Prado which is one of the biggest museums in the world. It will also be a good idea to stroll through Plaza Mayor, which is the main square.

2) Explore Barcelona

Just like Madrid, Barcelona is known for late-night eats and partying but also beautiful historic streets. There is a great deal of rich history in Barcelona and as far as timing goes, think about sleeping until 10pm, then eating dinner at midnight and taking on the local nightlife. The history museum is also a great stop and there are plenty of things to see and do.

3) La Tomatina

This is something held in August on the very last Wednesday in Buñol where thousands of people make their way into the small early in the morning and then throw copious amounts of tomatoes at one another. This is a messy, yet very fun time for everyone, only costing about 10 EUR for a ticket to the festival.

4) Run with the Bulls

In Pamplona, in July is when you will find Running of the Bulls, which attracts those who are both brave and those who are quite foolish! This is a multi-day celebration and a great excuse to enjoy good food and to drink sangria while celebrating wearing a red scarf.

5) Relax on Costa del Sol

When it is time for beach therapy, you will love life here. This is a sunny coast in the southern region of Spain that is known for amazing beaches, incredible nightlife and a lot of tourists. One of the bigger places on the coast, Malaga is a nice place to visit.

6) Be in Awe of Valencia

This is a lovely town that is sure to grow on you. Here, you are always going to find fresh seafood, rich paella, even richer history and a great soccer team if you are looking to take in a game. Many people who have been here say this is an extraordinary city.

7) Wandering in Seville

This is a nice student town that includes palaces, majestic churches and a number of historic sites. They also boast great shopping and you will find a lovely monument located in the Jewish Quarter that is dedicated to the various regions of Spain.

8) Hiking Sierra Nevada

In this mountain area, you can enjoy great hiking in summer, skiing in winter and exploring small towns all year round. You will find the pretty, rugged terrain to be breathtaking and that there are a number of nice areas for outdoor activities. Difficulty, you will find, will vary on the trails so you could find the one that suits you best.

9) Great Cathedral and Mosque

If you are looking for the Muslim fabric of Spain, you will see that the Mezquita de Cordoba is the place to visit. Here, you will see jasper columns, marble flooring, a stunning domed shrine filled with Byzantine mosaics, giant arches and richly gilded prayer niches. This will all be just right for taking you back to when there was still Muslim influence over Cordoba.

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