The Fines And Penalties Of Street Drag Racing That You Need To Know

While street drag racing may look fun and glamorous in the movies, in reality, it is a criminal offense that endangers the life of each driver on that road. Those who are involved in street drag racing don’t only gamble their future, but also the lives of the people around them.

Street drag racing can be defined as:
● Driving any motor vehicle in a speed race, competition, or contest
● Any exhibition of acceleration or speed so as to set an absolute speed record on any highway

Whether these races are pre-arranged or done abruptly, a person will be sued within the full letter of the law, if caught. Anyone may also be responsible if they are the driver of the vehicle, a watcher at a prearranged race event, or a facilitator and monetarily benefit from this kind of racing.

Fines and penalties

Street drag racing is a criminal offense, which requires mandatory fines and penalties:

● First offense will be five $500 – $1000 and one-year license revocation
● Second offense will be $1000 – $3000 and four years license revocation
● Arrest
● Prison time up to thirty days
● License suspension
● Vehicle compounded for thirty days
● Traffic tickets
● Car insurance rate increases
● Car insurance cancellation

Any person involved with street drag racing, especially impaired drivers, may lose the title to their vehicle if they have two or more violations within a period of five years.

Regardless of the offense, they will need to attend a basic driver improvement course and should pass a proof of successful completion. If it is just a first offense, they will be asked to finish the four-hour basic driver improvement course.

However, if they caught in numerous racing offenses, the court might require them to complete a twelve-hour advanced driver improvement course.


The United States is one of the major countries involved in street drag racing accident. There are certainly some severe risks involved in an illegal street drag race. It may only lead to motor vehicle collisions, and numerous injuries and fatalities. Fines and penalties are consequences for those who take part of the race.

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