Experience a Memorable Singapore Travel on Budget

Do you plan to go to a trip to Singapore without planning to spend much money? Don’t worry, there are still a ton of things to do in Singapore even when you are on a tight and strict budget. Make sure your visas are ready with the nearest Singapore visa agency around and start going through this article to get your fix on the most memorable experience in Singapore without spending too much.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens – The Free Escape froma Technology to Nature

The botanical gardens is a world heritage site in Singapore. For more than 150 years, it stand inside a city, unwavering even with the advancements in technology. Sporting 3 lakes and the innumerable plant life around, you can go trigger-happy with pictures of you and your friends and Family. The admission here is free! What a way to start the adventure, right? The only place in the gardens which you’ll have to pay for is the world famous collection of orchids. Anyone can spend $5.00 to see its 4 colour-coded areas that resemble that of its country’s seasons.

That is just still $5.00 on your counter, you still have some left to spend, right? You can then move forward to go to…

Lau Pa Sat – Curb your Hunger

You can experience Singaporean cuisine for a very low price. Visiting on a Friday or Saturday night will give you free admission to performances. You can try the Satay – a Singapore version of the barbecue with sauce served with it. This place is always bustling with activity. However, there are food stalls there that cater different kinds of cuisines of the world, too. There are Filipino, Indian, and Japanese food stalls you can go to and look around. With $10.00, you can basically have all major meals of the day.

That is $15.00 on your counter, you can still go for a few trips…

The Sentosa – The Island Resort of Fun

If you really want to visit this place and spend on it, you can check their online store in advance for the prices you’ll have to pay. Using the colourful SentosaExpress, you’ll have to pay $4.00 for the ride but you’ll enjoy the sceneries. Universal Studios also has a park over here at Sentosa. At around 9:00-9:30 at night, there will be performances to watch so, no regrets there.

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$19.00 on the counter, one last place to visit before you call it a day…

The Marina Bay – Let The Lights Keep You Company

The last place you’ll want to visit for the day will be this bay in Singapore. It offers an array of events and entertainment to get your night accompanied by mellow notes in your head. Time your trip right and you’ll be able to see the I Light Marina Bay Festival. With cheap hotels and great sights less than $10.00, you’ll be able to enjoy this place for almost no cost at all.

Looking at your counter, you managed to spend under $30.00! If you were to bring more, imagine all kinds of happiness you can experience when you travel to Singapore. Don’t be afraid to spend a little. If you’re going to make memories, don’t hold back.

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