Stop Off in Strasbourg – The Town of Heritage

Because the first city center to become named a UNESCO World Heritage site in the whole, Strasbourg is probably the world’s most breathtaking and historic destinations and, using its impressive architecture and lots of museums, it is easy to determine why. Near to the Germanic border, its traditions and culture is definitely an eclectic mixture of French and European heritage, which makes it an hugely popular destination during European journeys and cruises as visitors come to get a true feeling of European medieval heritage.


It’s, partly, for this reason heritage that Strasbourg has this type of large number of prominent museums. To achieve an intensive understanding of Strasbourg’s intriguing history, people to the town ought to go to the Historic Museum that was founded in 1920 to represent the cities political, economic, social and concrete ecological history.

Another important institution to go to may be the Museum from the Oeuvre Notre Dame, the city’s museum of Upper Rhenish fine arts. With a few of their artefacts dating back the first Dark Ages, it’s famous for that large number of original sculptures, glass home windows and architectural segments it displays. It’s also the house of the initial plans for among the city’s most celebrated structures – the Strasbourg Cathedral.

Religious sights

The Strasbourg Cathedral is proven to be Europe’s tallest medieval building called the tallest on the planet between your many years of 1647 and 1874 although still being considered among the finest types of Medieval architecture. As an item of high interest for local residents and individuals going to the Alsace region capital, most of the best tours in the region feature this prominent structure. The Strasbourg Cathedral is really tall it may be seen from over the Rhine within the Black Forest, creating an atmospheric welcome for individuals visiting the town through the water on European river cruises.

Architecture and parks

As the Strasbourg Cathedral is among the city’s most celebrated works of architecture, there are a variety of other prominent examples throughout Strasbourg. Alongside many other medieval places of worship around town, the Opera House on Place Brogile represents an excellent illustration of French Neo-classicism.

Alongside its significant architecture, there’s also numerous prominent parks in Strasbourg including the Parc de l’Orangerie, that was remodelled being an British garden for Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais, and also the Parc en Citadelle, which sits round the remains of the 17th century fortress.

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